Printing On The Glow Full Zip Hood

Q: Will anything happen to the "glow" strip when going thru the dying process?

A: These print like any other Poly Fleece fabric. Keep the garment relatively flat so the EL wire/tube does not come in contact with the heating element in the dryer or the flash unit. Also, make sure the battery pack is inside the garment and not directly exposed to the heating elements, or remove the battery pack prior to running through the dryer. Screen printers must use a good poly-blocker in their ink system or use silicone inks to prevenr dye migration.

Q: What will happen to the battery pack when going thru the dying process?

A: They will be fine as long as customers keep them covered with the fleece fabrics as they pass through the dryer.

Q: Should these sweatshirts be for embroidery only?

A: Printing should be fine. Transfers are fine too, provided the iron does not come into direct contact with the plastci EL tubing. The garment should be set off the platen area when transferring the image.

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